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My Story

In March 2020, Covid 19 hit, the industry I work in, oil and gas was hit pretty hard. The family and I had just moved from Texas to Washington State for personal reasons, and I found myself sitting at home, because I was in a Covid “Hot Spot”. I was not allowed to travel to perform my scheduled projects. I had to withdraw money from my 401k to pay bills. I was searching the web and stumbled upon a trader on YouTube advertising his crazy amount of daily income. I dug deep into his videos and soon found myself buying his course and becoming a part of his following, I even became a Facebook group moderator within a group that follows him. I found myself diving deep into his videos, watching everything I could, I was intrigued by every indicator out there. I would try everything he recommended.

Pretty soon I realized this guy is pumping and dumping small cap stocks, a lot of these moves could have been from his delayed chatrooms and his 4,000+ followers and his own trades. Who knows the truth, he does have his own strategy, he does make crazy money, he does have huge red days as well.

I started venturing away from that trader and watched another 10-20 traders throughout that year. All had their own style, all post wins, all post their layouts, and all want your attention.

After trying numerous strategies, platforms, charting software, indicators, and losing a bunch of capital, I have figured out in 1 year and 8 months how to be profitable. I have dedicated hundreds if not thousands of hours to trading. I have figured out how to be correct 95% of the time and be done within 15 minutes of the market open.

The reason I am explaining this is simple:

  • There is no reason to learn things which are not needed.

  • Why lose capital for the sake of learning when I’ve made that sacrifice.

  • Why spend hundreds of hours researching and learning things which may not work.

  • Why listen to YouTube gurus who haven’t proven themselves.

  • Most importantly, why not give yourself the opportunity to leave the real job for a lifestyle you can only pray for.

I have narrowed this program down to what is needed and everything in the videos will be used. Its short and to the point. The videos are what needs to be learned, don’t venture out and fill your head with useless trading information or indicators.


I look forward to helping you grow and become a professional trader.


What we cover

What is the stock market and what is an option contract?

Tradingview subscriptions and data packages.

What is a candle.

Navigating charts and settings within TradingView.

How to configure the colors and settings within TradingView

Time frames and which ones we use.

My custom TradingView layout

Pre market data – How to enable and how to use it every morning.

Daily Moving Average – What they, which ones I use, and when.

Daily levels and how to apply them to the chart and to the trading plan.

Market Maker Candles and how I use them and when I disregard them.

VWAP – What is it and how I use it.

Pine editor awareness.


IBKR and the type of account needed and how to apply for a paper trading account.

Getting familiar with the platform

Setting up your layout

Option chain and configuration

Order window and configuration

Book trader and config including hot buttons

Linking windows

Economic calendar

Trade windows


Setting up TV and IBKR on your screen.

The 3 main tickers we use and why.

Pre market analysis including the levels we use.

Pre market plan based on the morning action.


The plan……..Live trading

For the new traders, when you have completed 2 months of paper trading and you are profitable, then go live with small size.


For the Fast Track members, please watch the videos and the live trades for at least a week. Then lets make that green!

Full Video available in the Members Area